A Mirrored Life: The Rumi Novel


A Mirrored Life: The Rumi Novel


My learned readers, you know that there are stories even before there are stories, but some stories are bound by fate.

On his way from Tangiers to China, the medieval Moorish traveller Ibn Battuta arrives in Konya, Turkey where the legendary dervish Rumi had lived, danced and died. More than half a century may have passed since his death, but his poetry remains alive, inscribed in every stone and tree and pathway. Rumis followers entrust Ibn Battuta with a manuscript of his life stories to spread word of the mystic on his travels. As Battuta reads and recites these tales, his listeners discover their own lives reflected in these stories – fate has bound them and perhaps you, to Rumi. A Mirrored Life reaffirms the magical powers of storytelling, making us find Rumi in each of our hearts.

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A Mirrored Life: The Rumi Novel
Samuel P. Huntington
Vintage Books
January 1, 2015
224 pages

About The Author

Rabisankar Bal is a Bangla novelist and short-story writer, with over fifteen novels, five short-story collections, one volume of poetry and one volume of literary essays. Born in 1962, he has been writing for thirty years. His novel The Biography of Midnight won the West Bengal Government’s Supapa Roy Chowdhury Memorial prize. Dozakhanama, acclaimed by the late doyen of Bengali literature Sunil Gangopadhyay as the finest novel of 2010, won the West Bental Government’s Bankimchandra Smriti Puraskar.

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