Collezioni Haute Couture & Sposa n. 168 A/W 2019/2020

Collezioni Haute Couture & Sposa

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Collezioni Haute Couture & Sposa

Collezioni Haute Couture & Sposa n. 168 A/W 2019/2020Do you want to know everything that happened in the Haute Couture in the last season? Well, this issue of Haute Couture and Sposa Collections is for you. A detailed report not only on the splendid fashion shows, but also presentations, the result of an editorial research. On the catwalks as in the ateliers, luxury and creativity translate into collections that go beyond the trends and fashion of a moment to rise to perfect creations, in which the style rhymes with the know-how that belongs to the tailor, both for the haute couture as for bridal wear, a crossover between two realities that travel on parallel tracks and that intersect, highlighting their affinities. Each garment, the result of a complex and articulated path of research and experimentation, is outlined as a small masterpiece of talent and wisdom, like the creations of the most prestigious fashion houses of Haute Jewelery, flagship of the luxury segment, to which are dedicated articles and special services,

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Weight 680 g
Dimensions 36 × 32 × 38 cm


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