Cullings from the Divan Rendered in English

With original text and transcripts Colour plates of Abdul RehmanChughtaiPreface by Khushwant Singh.

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Size: 28.5x22cms. The translation in the following pages are the author’s tribute to a great poet-a treasure of India’s heritage of literature. Much is inevitably lost in any translation Says T.P. Issar, and this is doubly true of rendering an Urdu ghazal-couplet into another language, considering that the real charm of Urdu poetry-the ghazal in particular-is not so much its throught-contnent but the way each poet exhibits his artistry and magic with the words, with all their association and subtlety of import, which are understood best by one born to the language. 283 Yr. of Pub.2003 Hard Bound English
Hardcover: 281 pages.


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