A fully illustrated colour book that combines various lace-making techniques and patterns with the craft of fan making. The lace patterns as well as general instructions are complemented by photography of the finished work. The book covers: A short history of fans with special emphasis on lace; How to make a fan, from design to finished product; Bobbin lace fans; Experimental Bobbin lace fans with colour; Embroidered lace fans; Needlelace fans; Mixing lace techniques; Themed lace fans; Dimensional and double-sided lace fans; Lace stick fans. A beautifully illustrated colour book to showcase some of the best lace-making around today. It will inspire all lace-makers looking for a new direction.

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about the author

Ann Collier is a first-rate lace-maker and still teaches. She is the author of Lace in Miniature (0713475501) and Lace for Dolls and Dolls’ House (0713480572).

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Dimensions 19 × 2.5 × 28 cm


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