PANTONE Plus Series GPG301N Essentials Bundle Multi Colour


  • Set of six PANTONE PLUS SERIES colour guides
  • 1,867 solid colours and ink formulations (FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Uncoated)
  • 1,845 solid colours and CMYK, HTML/Hex and RGB values (COLOR BRIDGE Coated & Uncoated)
  • All colours are printed using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easy to match on press
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PANTONE Plus Series GPG301N Essentials Bundle Multi Colour

art Number GPG301N
Item Weight 2.86 Kg
Product Dimensions 38.1 x 27.9 x 8.3 cm
Item model number GPG301N
Colour Multi-colour
Style Essentials
Item Package Quantity 1
Number Of Pieces 1
Batteries included? No
Batteries Required? No

Product Details:

PANTONE Essentials

PANTONE Essentials

PANTONE essentials


  • Six portable, handheld fan decks in a convenient carrying case
  • Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (100 lb for coated and 80 lb for uncoated)
  • Lighting Indicator pages demonstrate when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation


  • Complete collection of all 1,867 traditional spot colours, 1,845 spot-to-process colours, and 2,868 four-colour process colours
  • Each colour displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations or values
  • Colours arranged in chromatic format, with index at the back of guide indicating numeric location
  • Tolerance aim <2dE to our master standard data


  • Use for comparing spot-to-process colour and in digital design, animation, and packaging
  • 4,735 total spot and four-colour process colours together for a value price
  • Convenient travel case has room for additional guides


PANTONE Plus Series GPG301N Essentials Bundle Multi Colour

The PANTONE ESSENTIALS bundle contains our most popular traditional solid, solid-to-process and process-only colours. It is the perfect starter set for designers, pre-press professionals and printers interested in having colours for communication and matching on press conveniently at their fingertips. Bundle includes: PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Uncoated PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE Coated PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE Uncoated PANTONE CMYK Coated PANTONE CMYK Uncoated.

FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Uncoated Set: This two-guide set features 1,867 Solid Colours printed on both coated and uncoated paper – a must-have tool for designers, printers and colour decision makers best used for specifying and approving Spot Colours in all graphic projects especially logos, branded designs and packaging. COLOR BRIDGE Coated & Uncoated Set: A multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. Best used for determining how 1,845 Solid Colours will look when reproduced through four-color printing process, as well as when displayed through digital media.

PANTONE CMYK Guides: Containing 2,868 CMYK colours on both coated and uncoated paper, this set allows designers the opportunity to visualize, communicate and control process colours for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other graphic treatments. All six guides come packed in a stylish, durable and easily portable carrying case. Colours are each displayed along with coordinating numbers. Colours are predominantly arranged chromatically. However an index can be found in the back of the FORMULA GUIDES and COLOR BRIDGE guides to assist in easy location of colours by number. Printed colours bleed off both page sides so colours can be best analysed for matching when guide pages are laid on top of printed works during evaluation.

Box Contains

1 x PANTONE Plus Series GPG301N Essentials Bundle Multi Colour

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