Peonies & Pagodas Embroidered Parsi Textiles : Tapi Collection


Peonies & Pagodas Embroidered Parsi Textiles : Tapi Collection

Vintage Details is a stunning collection of more than 600 beautifully photographed details from previously unseen 20th-century vintage clothing. The images are arranged by detail: necklines; collars; sleeves; cuffs; pockets; fastenings and buttonholes; hems, darts, stitching and fitting devices; pleats, frills and flounces; embellishment; surface texture and print. Inner construction shots will also be included, along with images of the full garments providing context for the details shown. Easy to navigate and packed full of inspirational images, this book will become an indispensable reference to vintage detailing for fashion design students and professionals.

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Peonies & Pagodas Embroidered Parsi Textiles : Tapi Collection

Peonies Pagodas: Embroidered Parsi Textiles from the TAPI Collection brings Parsi embroidery into the vast literature on textiles in India. These 19th century embroideries, late-comers to a field once limited to cloth produced in India, anticipate the current era of intense globalization. Produced by Chinese weavers and embroiderers and taking inspiration from European Chinoiserie, Parsi garments became distinctive markers of the community’s identity in India. This publication will attract attention not only from textile scholars and enthusiasts, but from a broader readership intrigued by the history of global flows of art and commerce.


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