Read People: Understand behaviour


Read People: Understand behaviour


Using a unique, visual approach to explore the science of behaviour, Read People shows how understanding why people act in certain ways will make you more adept at communication, more persuasive and a better judge of the motivations of others.
The increasing speed of communication in the modern world makes it more important than ever to understand the subtle behaviours behind everyday interactions. In 20 dip-in lessons, Rita Carter translates the signs that reveal a person’s true feelings and intentions and exposes how these signals drive relationships, crowds and even society’s behaviour. Learn the influencing tools used by leaders and recognise the fundamental patterns of behaviour that shape how we act and how we communicate


Read people
Rita Carter
Aurum Press (3 May 2018)
3 may 2018

About the Author

Rita Carter is an award-winning medical and science writer, lecturer and broadcaster who specialises in the human brain: what it does, how it does it, and why. She is the author of Mind Mapping and has hosted a series of science lectures for public audience. Rita lives in the UK.

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