The Grammar of Ornament


The Grammar of Ornament

First published in 1856, The Grammar of Ornament remains a design classic. As Owen Jones, its creator, admired the array of ornament he encountered on his global travels, so his distaste grew for mongrel design. The result was the Grammar. Each illustration is allotted its place within a cultural context and illuminated in this new edition by a contemporary commentary.

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The Grammar of Ornament

This is one of those books that every designer has to have. First published in 1856, the book remains a classic, exercising influence on prominent designers. Jones, an architect, depicted ornament encountered on his many travels. Each illustration is placed within context thereby avoiding mixed or related styles. The illustrations show a wide range of styles from ‘Savage Tribes’ to the Alhambra, Granada and leaves and flowers from nature. This new edition does not have the expanse of page afforded by a large format book, however the illustrations are clear and well produced. You could use a photocopier to enlarge the illustrations.


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