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WIRED is a technology and innovative magazine that provides the latest news and info about upcoming transformations, software, and IT.

Issues Per Year: 11
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally

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WIRED Magazine



Since its first issue was published in 1993, WIRED magazine has been one of the top technology magazines. It covers the various aspects of the technology that is a large part of our lives, discusses IT topics and software uses that everyone will understand. Each issue also offers an in-depth look at the people and companies behind the biggest technology of today. Learn about the latest and greatest phones, computers, and much more on every page!

Columns and features in WIRED cover IT issues and software reviews, as well as other technology topics. Some of the reader-favorite sections include “Gadget Lab,” which features the latest gear, gadgets, and gizmos, puts them to the test, and delivers the findings and “Ask a Flowchart,” helps readers answer a technology-related question by following the steps through a flowchart. WIRED magazine is published and sent out every month of the year. Special issues that arrive throughout the year include such topics as the cutting edge of innovation and tech trends. Each issue will give readers new information to mull over and new gadgets to itch for.

People who consider themselves technology addicts who live on the cutting edge of innovation would benefit from a yearly subscription to WIRED magazine!


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